Beatrice - inner frequency


Beatrice first witnessed the power of energy healing when after 2 years of suffering from a severe bone fracture, her friend worked with an energy healer to achieve a full recovery [within 3 months] without needing to undergo invasive bone reconstruction surgery. She was inspired to become a healer herself when she embarked on a spiritual journey at Vagabond Temple, a yoga and meditation retreat center in Cambodia. There she received her first Reiki sessions which built on her strong sense of intuition and sensitivity to energy. She went on to become certified in Reiki Levels 1 & 2 in December 2016 and since then has worked with Reiki energy to help people overcome challenges and help them heal. Beatrice is also a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher who cares deeply about spreading love and compassion through her classes and healing sessions. She is currently finishing her 800 hour certification with Byron Yoga Centre.


Page was drawn to energy healing when she started her travels in Asia. There she learned about the Pranic Healing system and its successful use in conjunction with Western medicine to heal minor cases such as joint pain to more severe illnesses such as cancer. Upon completing her certification with Prana World Malaysia in June 2016, she began offering healing sessions and saw her recipients experience immediate physical and emotional benefits while receiving support on their own spiritual paths. While working with a Reiki healer at Vagabond Temple in Cambodia, she personally benefitted from the stress-relief and greater clarity achieved from a series of healing sessions. In February of 2017 she also became certified in Reiki Level 1 under the Usui Traditional Method. A passionate advocate of the Healing Arts, Page has worked to empower others and embrace their true voices through drama self-expression workshops.

ELIE - inner frequency


A dedicated yogi for 4 years, Elie decided to delve deeper into a spiritual path and embarked on a journey of travel and self-discovery around South East Asia in 2016. He first discovered Reiki at the Vagabond Temple, a yoga and meditation centre in Cambodia which led to a personal transformation. As a former engineer with a science-oriented mind, he was amazed by the energy’s ability to balance a person’s mental, emotional and ultimately physical health. He received his Reiki certification shortly after with the goal of sharing the healing benefits of energy with others. Elie is now a Reiki healer and a certified yoga teacher with the Byron Yoga Centre. He is interested in exploring the relationship between specific asanas and their energetic qualities and designing specific healing sequences to assist people in their healing process.